Extending the reach of digital payments, and identity.

ExtoPay provides universal access to smartphone or non-smartphone users, secure offline transactions, recovery of lost funds, fraud prevention, and user-controlled cryptographically secured digital ID.

The ExtoPay Platform

Enabling offline and connected trusted transactions.

The ExtoPay platform combines modern financial rails, secure hardware, mobile wallets (hardware and software), disruptive point of sale solutions and secure online and offline payment flows to enable unprecedented efficiency and inclusivity.

Offline digital payments

Make payments with no internet connectivity

ExtoPay provides a novel cryptographically secure, offline transaction protocol which enables Exto hardware wallet holders to make payments with no Internet connectivity.

Device-less users can access their accounts securely via their ExtoIDs and merchant or agent Exto Wallets.

ExtoWallet's Biometric Hardware and Mobile Wallets secure user's verifiable credentials and allow selective, privacy-preserving presentation to verifiers. ExtoWallet's store issuer attested verifiable credentials and allow users to control privacy and sharing of their Identity or financial data on the system with 3rd party counter parties.

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Merchants are able to process transactions with

Consumers both with mobile phone
and ExtoWallet Cards

Consumers who only have
the ExtoWallet Card

Deviceless consumers using a QR code
and biometric verification


Disruptive transaction fees are enabled by

Unprecedented security that
eliminates fraud

Efficient and trustworthy account onboarding
and recovery via agents

Robust transaction protocols that eliminate
disputes resulting from incomplete transactions

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